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Welcome to the The Age of Iconoclasts E-Zine!

    This is our first issue, so please bear with us. This 'zine is dedicated to allowing opposing viewpoints a chance to speak out, so if you have something to say feel free to send it to us. We may not be able to publish it on our site, but we will read every single one.
    The world these days is getting more and more confusing. No-one seems to know who the crooks are, or who the honest men and women are, and we don't know who to trust. All too often, the media picks one party-line or the other and follows it, without regard for the facts.
    Which brings us to this. We feel it's time someone at least admitted that there are people who don't agree with the party line, and since this is published in America, we have the right to disagree. There is no reason those of us who think freedom is taking it on the chin shouldn't be allowed to speak out. Nothing should be swept under the rug; full disclosure should be the rule of the day. So, for all of you who think "that's enough already," this is your chance to do something about it. Speak your piece, say what's on your mind, and know that someone out there is listening.
    This Zine is supported by affiliate store commissions and your donations - the more money we earn, the farther we can spread our readership. The farther we spread our circulation, the more people will read our work and yours, so if you like the site, help support it!
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