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Taxation is Theft

    There is one great flaw in the Constitution of the United States. The Founding Fathers didn't realize at the time how horrendous a mistake they were making, because they had not at the time thought through the basic immorality of it, but they placed in the Constitution the lines that have cursed us ever since. "Congress shall have the power to levy and assess taxes."
    Taxation, at its most fundamental level, is immoral. This is because you have no right to refuse; the government has a gun to your head. Taxation is equivalent to state-supported highway robbery. Slavery is defined as working without recompense or choice for someone who returns nothing. That sounds very close to taxation, doesn't it?
    People are always carrying on about all the wonderful things the government does for us, without realizing that, but for a few basic functions, all the things the government does could be done more efficiently and less expensively in the private sector. The only proper functions of a government are the military, to protect its citizens from foreign enemies; the police, to protect its citizens from domestic enemies, and the courts, to resolve disputes.
    What we have instead is rapidly approaching the proportions of a totalitarian nightmare. The government is in charge of everything: the mail, the roads, the remodeling of your house, the opening of a new business, your sex life, everything.
    And what's worse, the government levies taxes without even asking you. Think about this: there is a giant controversy now over the fact that some politicians want to repeal the estate tax. What the estate tax is, is an opportunity for the government to tax you twice on the same money. If someone pays their taxes all their life, still manages to amass a fortune, and dies, the government comes roaring in to tax the money that was left after taxes.
    How horrible is this? And yet no-one seems to notice, as they are so caught up in the capital gains idiocy that they don't have time left to worry about what happens after they die. Capital gains is outright theft: the government is punishing you for being successful. In addition to your regular yearly income tax, you pay CG on anything you earn in stock or sales.
    Let's dissect this. Say you save your money and buy a house. The reason your interest rate is so high is because that's what the government says it is, so you pay outrageous interest on the loan to the bank. The bank pays taxes on this. You pay tax on your income, and property tax on the house, which goes up almost every year without fail.
    Then you decide to move. You put the house up for sale, sell it, and lo and behold, you get to pay tax four more times: you pay part of your profit to the realtor so they can pay their taxes, which mean you paid them; you pay sales tax immediately, the sale amount is added to your income tax at the end of the year, and, as if that wasn't enough, you pay capital gains on the full amount of the sale, even though you already didn't get it. Just to add insult to injury, say you stick what's left in the bank. You pay tax on the interest you've earned by the end of the year, and if you die, then the estate tax gets in there and takes even more of your money after all the other taxes are through with you.
    Shall we count this up? Sales tax, income tax, interest tax, capital gains tax, and estate tax, adds up to 5 types of tax you pay right here in the country. That doesn't include, god forbid, what happens to you if you decide to export or import goods, in which case you pay export taxes in the starting country and import taxes in the destination country.
    Taxes are well hidden in this country, and they are aided in hiding by a basic fallacy that most people share. Corporations do not pay taxes. They can't. in order to cover the amount that companies have to give to the government every year, they raise the price of the goods or services that they provide, which means that corporate taxes come out of your pocket like everything else. Once again, shall we dissect this and see how it works?
    If you go to buy a Toyota automobile, for example, you may notice that the sticker price is about $17,000. What you don't know is that that car only costs about $3,500 to make, and about $1,000 to ship here. This means that the actual value of the car is $4,500. Upon leaving Japan, it is assessed with an export tax, unusually high because it's being shipped to the U. S.  Then, upon reaching the U. S., it's given an import tax, unusually high because it's coming from Japan. At this point, just from taxes, the price has gone up to $9,000. At the dealer, it gets marked up to about $12,000 so the dealer can pay his taxes and storage fees.
    (Those fees are where you get "everything must go" sales from - at the end of the fiscal year the government taxes the dealer for everything in inventory, so they try to get rid of as much as possible so they don't have to pay for it again.)
    Now the car has gone up to $12,000. But the government isn't done with it yet. If the dealer sells it, he pays capital gains, as does the Toyota Motor Company, on the profit from the sale, so they raise the price another $4,000 to cover it. The dealer and Toyota both have employees who they have to pay income tax for, so there's another $1,000. There's your $17,000 price tag, but wait! You haven't paid sales tax yet, and you haven't gotten car insurance yet, which is required by law. Your $17,000 for a $3,500 car has now turned out to be more like $19,000.
    But the government isn't through with you yet. When you get car insurance, you're not just paying the premium. The real reason your premium is so high is because the insurance company has to pay licensing fees for its agents, and income taxes, and everything else just like you do. Thus, it comes out of your pocket because corporations can't pay taxes.
    This may all seem a bit silly to you, but I assure you this is how it actually works. If you look deeply enough into anything you do, there's a tax which ultimately comes out of your pocket. Everything you buy, sell, save, spend, or die with gets taxed, whether or not you ever personally get the bill. So, you may think that this is ok because the government helps us. Well let's look at that.
    Every year, the "federal budget" comes out. Do you get to see it? No. The government spends your money in ways that it doesn't want us to know about, because we'd scream bloody murder.  But sadly for the government, I can read, and I know a bit about where the money actually goes.
    So: $145,000,000 to measure the increase in the use of electrical power in the U. S. a year. With an expected increase of 5% a year until they decide to stop. The mistake is in believing that a "budget surplus" means the government has extra money left. What a "budget surplus" means is that they stole more of your money than they thought they could get away with this year, and have to find ways to spend it.
    Every year the federal budget grows. That means that they spend more money on the same things every year without any appreciable increase in the effectiveness of their programs. Any new federal program is budgeted with a planned increase of 5% a year in money spent to maintain the original level of service. The only exception to this is the Post Office, which is relatively self-supporting.
    So. Why does this happen? Because the function of bureaucracy is to increase bureaucracy, and nothing else. Do we need a federal program to pay artists to paint? Not if we stop taxing the artists into starvation, we don't. do we need the government to take our hard-earned money and use it to support people who don't work and never intend to, whose method of survival is reproduction for the welfare check? NO.
    The three basic functions of government can be funded easily by volunteer contributions. I promise you, if the government sent you a statement every year detailing what proportions of your money would be spent for which programs, and allowing you to check off the ones you wanted to pay for and send it back, the outcome would be clear. Military. Police. Courts. No more welfare, no more social security, no more regulations for business, no more legislation for any purpose other than to control the military, police, and courts.
    Taxation is theft. The proof that the government knows it is in the fact that it goes so far out of the way to hide it from you. The fact that it equates to slavery and theft is unavoidable. The theory that government has no other way to pay for itself is full of it. I promise, you'd shell out for the cops if you found out that there wouldn't be any in a week. Even criminals need the police for some things. But the idea that you and I have to pay the government for the privilege of having our lives regulated, controlled, and made far more difficult is idiotic.
                                    -13 June, 2000
                                    -Priest of Chaos